David R. Wallace

Developer - Trainer - Analyst - Artist

  • Currently looking for a full-time position with a company located in or near Phoenix, AZ.

  • I am driven and passionate about my work. I will work hard for your company, and challenge myself to do everything I can to contribute to the success of your business.
  • I am a friendly person with informed opinions and an equal amount of humility. A casual but productive work environment is my ideal.

Personal Information

Mesa, AZ


2010 - 2014

Tag Employer Services

from 2010 to 2014


  • Conversion of legacy components written in VBscript and Visual Basic, to JavaScript.
  • Design of many user interfaces, Front-end apps and development components. I was responsible for Front-End coding of most all major products created during my three years of employment. This included the HTML5 markup, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. With four of the applications we developed, I coded the controller/PHP functionality as well as the client code and views. I also designed several products including a report writing wizard, and a 3D, edit-on-page, real-time management tool for approval of work hours, expenses, PTO, drive mileage, vacation time off, and generic requests. This application automated the task of tracking time and attendance, and payroll preparation. The development made heavy use of AJAX, JSON structures, object-oriented JavaScript components and advanced rendering and data-binding techniques for generic control and robust, real-time interactivity.
  • Development of several rendering engines to better serve up large amounts of generic, database driven, decoupled, up-datable dynamic content.
  • Development of responsive applications for screen, pad and phone including Safety Meeting and Hazard Card management applications with accompanying versions optimized for phone. (see portfolio below)

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2009 - 2010

Arizona Mexico Commission

from 2009 to 2010

Website Developent

  • Built website and CMS application for the Arizona Mexico Commission AZMC.org
  • Dynamic website with custom CMS. I designed all database elements and UI interaction. The site was one of the first CMS applications at the time to support site-wide, on page editing. Managers could go to any text or any image and make edits. Another unique aspect of this project was designed in response to the Client's input as to how confusing their previous site was to admin, mainly because it was hard to tell what part of the large site they were targeting. To address this with the new site, the strategy was to on every page, provide the management interface, options and tasks that relate to that very page and its features. So, the idea is , all the managers would have to do is go to the location of the information they needed to administer, and do the administering on the spot. For instance, if a manager wanted to assign a member to a committee, she would go to the landing page for that committee and easily access a select member for chair control. Same strategy with reporting where every main page could call up a report writer where all the related database fields and information could be selected along with date range, select criteria and even raw SQL could be adjusted. This also allows for easy saving of canned reports for re-use. More complex, and mission critical reports, were provided as defaults to run or create other reports from. Built with MSSQL, Classic ASP, JQUERY, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX

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2008 - 2009

Fluoresco Lighting & Sign

from 2008 to 2009


  • Data management and development of multiple databases and clients distributed across 3 states and 11 branch locations.
  • Development of complex, custom reports using Crystal Reports, Report Smith, Access, Sql., Web.
  • Heavy MS Access development creating distributed solutions with heavy VBA and MS Office integration.
  • Creation of a wiki based library of all company data and development history and definitions.

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2007 - 2008


from Mar 2007 to Feb 2008


  • New group messages page with dynamic message reply form and choice of expanded vs. collapsed view.
  • New "Watch This" feature to mark and track group threads. Used DHTML, AJAX, Custom JavaScript.
  • Developed sitewide "Sharebox" - an auto centering, auto-sizing, cross-browser, multi-tabbed popup box with a single asp function call implementation.
  • Rebuilding of complex news-letter along with custom design and management CMS tool. Features include email friendly HTML and images designed for optimal viewing in all major email clients. Administration tools to select newsletter content, and featured items directly from website using scriptlets. MsSql stored procedures: to subtotal most active web site users by contribution type; to determine most popular content. Automatic output of related summary data. Created adjunct Excel VBA application to import recent journal and message posts to facilitate the selection of content items for news-letter inclusion.
  • Development of custom Keyword manager for mplementation of keyword assignments to create page specific dynamic meta tags

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2006 - 2007

American Express

May 2006 - December 2007


  • Development of custom application for American Express to be used worldwide. The application was a customization of excel using VBA to automate the distribution, customer entry, collection, and reporting - of a highly variable and involved client contract..

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2005 - 2007

Independent Contractor

May 2005 - December 2007


  • Delivery of technical training courses and consulting. Wide range of courses with focus on Microsoft Languages and technologies.

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2002 - 2005


January 2002 - March 2005


  • Delivery of technical training courses and consulting
  • Creation of custom Ms Access based management application with Camelot Homes of Phoenix.
  • Arizona Department of Health to create some highly customized reports using Crystal Reports and Oracle data. Reports include tracking of average sample transit times between hospitals and the State testing lab taking into account location, holidays, weekends, work hours, volume, etc.
  • Oracle based data using custom Access queries and VBA to re-render old Oracle data into new definitions used by a few of the State Health department's Crystal Reports solutions.
  • VBA automation with Thermador/Bosch Corporation to automate the processing of data into a variety of summaries and graphs i.e. Lines of equal life time, Product failure trends, etc. (Helped Transform a week+ long reporting process into a a minute or two of sub-routine execution)
  • Extended the database application of a national recruiting company to allow them to create dynamic queries by including and/or excluding any amount of variables. The application includes a custom UI, and also generates dynamic SQL code that can be directly altered and saved if desired. The application includes several dynamic report output options.
  • Development of "Work Estimation Application" for a non-profit company in Phoenix, AZ. Outputs mufti-dimensional reports and graphs comparing all of the requested dimensions of employee, actual work. Extensive VBA used to create a totally custom, real-time, measure and reporting tool - reports and graphs are dynamically generated in Excel from COM VBA behind the ACCESS UI.

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2000 - 2002


January 2000 - January 2002


  • Providing Reviews of JavaScript, HTML, and ASP ertification exams.
  • Evaluation and providing advice related to certification goals.
  • Writing questions for certification exams.
  • Instructor for IGeneration's Talent Boost program.

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2000 - 2002

ExecuTrain of the Southwest/Skillramp

January 2000 - January 2002


  • Training a variety of technical courses both custom and standard
  • C#.net to 20+ Java and C++ developers from Intel Sacramento.
  • VB development to programmers from Microsoft's Finance and Data Team in Reno.
  • ASP.net for Wells Fargo web developers.
  • VB development to Nevada State IT.
  • PERL to the INTUIT internet team in Tucson, AZ

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1999 - 2001

ExecuTrain of Los Angeles

January 1999 - January 2001


  • Development of database and Intranet solutions critical to in-house operations.
  • Trained Adult Desktop Courses.
  • Attended entire track of the Microsoft Developer (MOC) Courses at night and began to merge into technical training.
  • JavaScript to the Disney.com development team.
  • Frame-Maker and Acrobat to Earthlink's technical writing department.
  • VB-script to Pacific Life's security division.
  • Programmed ExecuTrain's in-house access database to track profitability and categorize courses.
  • Programmed Excel VBA solutions for Freemont Investments.

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1997 - 1999

ExecuTrain of Los Angeles/Irvin

January 1997 - January 1999


  • Delivery of adult computer training courses, specializing in database, programming and web development technologies.
  • Primary courses of delivery: Microsoft office applications and a variety of web applications and languages.
  • Attainment of Prosoft Certification and delivery of Prosoft's Web Fundamentals and Web Design courses.

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1992 - 1998

Self Employed Artist

May 1992 - December 1998


  • Created paintings in a variety of mediums.
  • Planned and executed private showings and participated in art fairs ; festivals in CA and AZ.
  • Arranged consignment in stores, galleries, coffee houses and film studios.
  • Pursued contact artistry and design work, specializing in portraiture, J-sleeves, restaurant menus, business cards, and letterhead.
  • Illustrated story boards for the film Alice through the Looking Glass, On Ice Productions (1997); collaborated with directors, set designers and actors to prepare scene-by-scene drawings for use in production.

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1988 - 1990

University of Southern California

September 1988 - June 1990

Undergraduate Courses

1990 - 1994

Arizona State University

September 1990 - June 1994

B.A. Theatre

Extensive acting courses. Performed in several University Productions. Wrote and directed. Also took drawing & painting courses.



Color Design
Very good
User Interface
Database Design
Report Design/Crystal Reports


Programming Languages
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery XML php5 C# ASP JSON PERL VBA VBScript
CodeIgniter ADO AJAX Twitter Bootstrap Design Patterns OOP SEO Single Page Apps


Movies Sailing Painting Guitar Trumpet Family


Member Manager

Popup member admin.

Report Manager

Custom report builder with criteria and export.

Slide Show Manager

On page slide show manager to customize animated show on home page.


Share box to allow users to share forum discussions via email, social networks, or to blog.


Working dashboard mockup as part of new TAG site design proposal.

Report Designer

Custom report wizard.

Payroll Entry Form

Styled Payroll Entry

Forum Thread Design

Clean member forum thread interface.

Work Estimation Application

Work Estimation Application made in Access with Excel output.

Crystal Reports Launcher

Report Menu with Criteria and Crystal Reports Generation.

SQL Query Builder

SQL Query Builder and SQL Parser.

New Design Proposal

Tabbed interface with dynamic AJAX Rendering.

HR Management - Payroll etc.

Payroll entry.

Ction Report Designer

Management Tool for Community Chairs.

Efficiency Report

Made with Crystal reports.


Bookclub Website & CMS.

ASA Website & CMS

ASA Website & CM

ASA Modern Design

Surgical Center Website Design

Contractor Panel

CAMS home builder database application.

Home Options Admin Panel

CAMS home builder database application.

AZMC Member Profile

AZMC Website & CMS

John Bernabei Actor- J-Sleave

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Many People Face

OIl Pastel on Rag.


Pastel on Rag Board.

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Good Heaven's

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